Thank You for Supporting NYC's BEST Outdoor Summer Milongas

"Hit & Run" Central Park Tango 
and  Tango Porteņo @ South Street Seaport

"Hit & Run" Central Park Tango from the 1st Saturday in June thru the last Saturday in September, and Tango Porteno at South Street Seaport from the last Sunday in May (Memorial Day weekend) thru the last Sunday in September....Rain or Shine (Both under nearby covered areas in case of rain - see map links on Main Page).

Since the late 1990's, so many Tango enthusiasts from all over the world have gathered for great times and unforgettable memories.  Both events have continued for so many years because the music equipment is provided & maintained, the DJ's are compensated, permits are obtained, and the official Tango Hotline 212-726-1111 and website (Richard Lipkin's Guide to Argentine Tango in NYC) keep everyone informed.

So join us in continuing to bring these "Only in New York" milongas with a (small or greater) donation, whether or not you live in or near NYC (or attend these summer long events in-person).

And if your donation reaches the $30 level or more, you will receive a CD of the most popular Tangos, Valses & Milongas at NO COST (each CD contains a mix of 27 or more songs).  Or, if your donation reaches the $100 level or more, you will receive four (4) different CDs (that's over 100 songs).  If you prefer, checks can be made payable to Rick Castro (908-612-5601) or Trey Parker (267-334-9102).

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you DANCING TANGO OUTDOORS in New York City !!!